Have ZERO design skills but....NEED free traffic from Pinterest?

You know you need to create beautiful graphics for Pinterest, but the idea of trying to do it yourself makes you procrastinate on even creating graphics in the first place. 

You’re not at a place in your business where you can hire expensive designers, costing anywhere between $45 and $75+ an hour.

So what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, there’s an fast and easy way to create graphics that won’t suck up your time.

Free Pinterest Templates

These gorgeous, easy-to-use templates can be edited in the free design program Canva in just minutes. No graphic design experience needed! 

Save yourself hours of hassle trying to design Pinterest graphics by using these done-for-you templates.

Here's What You'll Get

I’ve created this set of 3 professionally designed Pinterest templates for you because I know how hard it is as a solo-entrepreneur.

All of the templates are fully customizable! You can change the fonts, colors and stock images to match your branding. 

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