How To Embed A Pinterest Board On Your Website. Learn how to add an image of your Pinterest board, pin or profile to your website. There are many apps out there, like MiloTree that you can use to get people to follow you or your boards on Pinterest right on your website. While these apps are great, some of them cost money monthly to use or they will slow your website down.

Luckily there is an easy way to display your Pinterest Board, pins or profile on your website that does not require you to install an app on WordPress.

250 million people use Pinterest every month and this number continues to grow. Pinterest is a platform where people are ready to buy. 90% of Pinterest users say that Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase.

If a user visits your websites and they prefer Pinterest, with a WordPress sidebar widget you could keep him or her engaged with your brand on the social media platform they prefer. This will help you reach a wider audience as well because they can start pinning your valuable content. You can find out how to build relationships on Pinterest, here

How to Add a Pinterest Board in the Sidebar on WordPress?

In order to add a Pinterest board to your sidebar in WordPress, you will want to go to the Pinterest Widget Builder. 

There are a few options for you to embed to your website like the save button, follow button, a pin, board or your profile. 

Once you click on board. You will be given the option to add your Pinterest board URL and then select a size. The size options are square, sidebar, header or you can create your own dimensions. 

To add your Pinterst URL, open another tab and click on Profile > Boards. Click on the board you want and then copy the URL at the top.

 As you can see I added my Pinterest Board URL and selected the sidebar size. 

 Now scroll down and grab the code.  

Now that you have the code for your Pinterest Board, you will go into your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance on the left hand side. You will then select Custom HTML and then add the code into the content section and save. 

Now you have the Pinterest widget added to the sidebar of your WordPress website like mines below. 

You can also add a Profile and Pin widget by selecting Profile or Pin instead of board in the Pinterest Widget Builder. Check out my examples below. 

As you can see it is super simple to embed a Pinterest board, pin or profile on your website. Which widget did you add to your website?

P.S. These pins where create with the Pinterest widget builder! Simply go to pin and enter your pin URL. Then you can copy the code and enter it on your blog post. 

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