Don’t have time to learn Photoshop or have design skills? These Canva templates have been designed to help you create pins in seconds with your FREE Canva account!

Step 1:

Once you have signed up for the free Pinterest Canva templates above click on ‘USE TEMPLATE.’

Step 2:

Sign up or log in to Canva: Canva is completely free to use. They do have an upgraded version that gives you access to more features. For what we will be doing today you can use the free version. 

How to Change The Square Color Image Above the Photo Grid:

On all of the photos in the templates, I have added a color square element on top of the images. I use this as a filter to make the photos all look cohesive and apart of the brand. You will want to change the color of the ‘filter’ to one of your brand colors. 

1: Click on the photo

2: Select the color box on the top left side of the Canva 

Inside of the color box, there are 3 different ways to change the color

1. You can click on one of the default colors 

2. You can type into the search box a color name or hex code

3. You can click on the + sign to open up a box for you to choose a color on the color scale or enter a hex code


  1. The colors at the top are the colors that are in the document
  2. You can change the colors in the entire document with this option to change all. If you change the pink on one template, you have the option to change the pink color in the entire document. This is a super-easy way to add your brand colors in without having to change each template.

How to Change the Photo:

1. Click on the filter, hold and move it down

2. Click on the photo 

3. To the far left click on the photos icon

4. This is the photo gallery. When you hover over the photos, you can see if it is free or paid. Canva has a large selection of free photos. Once you have a photo you would like to add, drag and drop on to the photo grid.

You can also click on the uploads button on the left-hand menu to upload your own photos.

How to Change the Text:

1: Select the text you would like to edit

2. The menu bar will update to the functions you can change to text. You can change the font, size, and color among other things.

Sometimes you may notice that text that looks like this:

In order to change it to fit on one line, you want to click on the text and select the line to the left. Hold the line and move it to the left to stretch it out. The dot will allow you to make the text bigger or smaller.

Now that you have your Pinterest customized with your branding and copy, it’s time to share it!

How to Download your template:

1: Click on the arrow with the line underneath it in the right top menu. Then select PNG or JPEG.

2: You can also decide to download all the templates which will give a zip file or you can pick a specific template/page to download.

Pinterest templates on canva